Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that's not on the following list please reach out to us using the contact form below. We'll do our best to get back to you in a timely fashion.


When will I receive my Beef Box?

Each morning we pack orders from the previous day. When you order is packed we will notify you via text message and email to let you know that your order has been packed and is ready for pickup.

Our delivery orders are scheduled after the boxes are packed. Typically we make our delivery routes a couple times each week.

FedEx shipments are sent out every Tuesday. Our goal is to get your beef to you in a timely manner. And we don’t want it sitting in a shipping warehouse over the weekend. By sending out our boxes on Tuesdays we ensure that you’ll receive the box on or before Friday of the same week.

I only want a box every other month. Can you do that?

Depending on your needs we can make a unique schedule that fits your families eating habits. Please reach out to us through the contact form and we will see what we can accommodate.

We do offer the freedom to cancel anytime and there is absolutely NO obligation to pay for boxes that you don’t receive.

The beef I received is past its expiration date.

The dates on our packages are linked to the slaughter date. They are not “best by” dates. All of our beef is flash frozen from our processor and vacuum sealed to lock in the freshness. If you suspect that your beef has somehow spoiled please contact us and we will do what we can to make it right. We stand 100% behind our product and we appreciate that you have trusted us with feeding your family.

I am local. Can I pick up my Freezer Box at The Cheek Ranch instead of having it shipped?

Absolutely! We’re your neighbors and we would love to show you our home base. Picking up your meat in person is free. Local delivery to your home or business is a small fee depending on distance.

I don’t live in Oklahoma. How far do you ship?

Good news, pardner! When you’re with us, you’re family. We ship our USDA inspected BLACK LABEL Beef well beyond our state lines. 

We’ve worked closely with FedEx and other suppliers to ship our beef as far as possible while still keeping your beef frozen.

Do you charge sales tax?

Since our beef is straight from the farm there is no Oklahoma State sales tax.

I’d like a box of just steaks, please! Do you sell individual cuts?

Wouldn’t it be great if that is how cows were built? Unfortunately, premium steaks account for less than 20% of a cow.  We are selling the beef that our family-owned ranch produces, and while we are larger than the average family cow-calf operation, we are still very small in comparison to the overall cattle industry. Because of that, selling individual steaks at this time is not sustainable for us or our subscribers. (See our philosophy above.)

Why should I buy from you?

At The Cheek Ranch, all of our beef is raised from birth right here in Yukon, Oklahoma. You can have confidence in knowing that our ranch practices are ethical,  sustainable, and transparent. We also have the benefit of controlling the supply chain. So our amazing subscribers won’t experience the same beef shortages seen recently across the country.

We have worked hard to bring our beef subscription service to you at a price on par with many local alternatives which require an upfront bulk purchase and significant amounts of freezer space.

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