HIDEBOX® Monthly Subscription

Delivering a Quarter Beef through 6 monthly boxes.

September 2022 Selection:

Buying a share of a cow just got a lot easier. No need to shell out a bunch of cash or fill your entire freezer. Each month you’ll get roughly 24 meals worth of our delicious BLACK LABEL Beef. Easy meal planning for a household of 1-4 people.

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Our 1/4 Beef Subscription Is Currently Full.

At this time we are not taking on new 1/4 Beef Monthly subscribers. We are dedicated to fulfilling all future orders for current subscribers, therefore we are not currently accepting new customers for our 1/4 Beef Monthly boxes. If you would like to be added to our wait list please send us a comment using the contact form below. Our other subscription boxes and single order products may currently still be available.

$137 / Month

HIDEBOX Monthly Subscription Schedule

April 2022

Included Cuts

12 oz. Kansas City Strip Steak x 4
48 oz. Pikes Peak Roast x 1
16 oz. Ground Beef x 4
May 2022

Included Cuts

10 oz. Ranch Steak x 4
60 oz. Half Brisket x 1
16 oz. Ground Beef x 4
June 2022

Included Cuts

14 oz. Ribeye Steak x 4
40 oz. Arm Roast x 1
16 oz. Ground Beef x 4
July 2022

Included Cuts

18 oz. Top Sirloin Steak x 2
40 oz. Skirt Steak x 1
16 oz. Ground Beef x 4
August 2022

Included Cuts

8 oz. Flat Iron Steak x 4
24 oz. Tri-Tip Roast x 1
16 oz. Ground Beef x 4

Included Cuts

Premium Steaks x 4 (Ribeye or Filet)
Pot Roast x 1 (Chuck, Arm or Rump)
16 oz. Ground Beef x 2
1/4 lb. Burger Patties x 8

** A more detailed list of cuts will be published each month and the above schedule is for reference only. Actual selection of cuts and weights will vary. Substitutions may be made based on availability. **

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